A top producer for professional anglers this 3/4 ounce, 7/8 inch wide by 4 inch long fishing spoon with Fire Fly® glow in the dark technology glows bright green longer for more fish in low light or stained water conditions.  This fishing lure is heavy weight and very durable.  The design gives a tight vibrating action calling fish from long distances.   It trolls well at slow or fast speeds.  The 3/4-ounce weight will cast a long way.  Anglers use them for trolling, casting or jigging.  Razor sharp hooks are included to help you catch limits in salt water and fresh water.

Badger Tackle glow fishing spoons and glow fishing lures have been tested in the field by charter captains on salmon, fresh water and salt water game fish.  All fishing spoons come with a VMC extra strong red treble and nickel single hook for every angler preference.  Research has shown red hooks catch more fish!  Our Fishing lures run well at a wide range of trolling speeds.  This magnum size heavy durable lure will handle even the largest of fish.  It is recommended to use a cross lock ball bearing snap swivel for all presentations to maximize the action.  The Vulcan 3/4 ounce weight also works well for casting from boat or shore.

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Vulcan Magnum Watermelon Glow Spoon

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