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Tip #68 #68 Go To Fishing Lures For Fall And Winter

Go To Fishing Lures For Fall And Winter By Capt. Jim Hirt For years I have investigated through trial and error to find bait for all species of fish in all conditions. Twenty plus years of tournament and charter fishing has led me to one conclusion. There is no one bait that will take you through the year with all variables of weather and mood of the fish. In this quest I found it would take a variety of lure actions to be successful. Allow me to help you approach each season of the year and weather conditions with the optimum tool for productive fishing. I fish salmon and trout more than any other species, however, these techniques and variables apply to all fish that go through continuous environmental changes. In the last article spring and summer tips were discussed, let's continue throughout the balance of the year. Warm water of the fall season offers split decision. Fall can be tough with water temperatures above the active range of most fish. I approach this time of the year with twin presentations. Most of my fishing is motor trolling and in this scenario half of my twelve rods are set up in an aggressive pattern of large spoons. With the other six baits I pick and peck at fish with a variety of colors in three inch and smaller spoons. Color can be key for consistent action. Color is critical here work with color based on the amount of light as discussed in the last article. Remember bright lures for cloudy water or bright light. Silver or darker lures in clear water on overcast days. The game plan for casting or jigging. For those of you who don't troll try casting with a larger spoon to start and go smaller if necessary in a stop and go action. Work the shallow water in low light and deep water in bright conditions. The small Vulcan spoon has been hot for anglers casting or jigging. The glow in the dark colors offered on the Vulcan is getting great reviews. Winter fishing may be hot or cold. Location is the real question for the winter season. The water temperature changes dramatically over the course of winter. Changes in temp move fish not only up and down in the water column, but from shallow to deep water. Try the small lures in shallow water in a post spawn or pre spawn scenario. However large spoons like the Reaper magnum will trigger spawning fish. Knowing your target location will increase your productivity. Move, move and move again don't beat a dead horse. If it isn't working be flexible in location, spoon size and color. There is a definite advantage to the angler that's out on the water frequently. Bait shops and other anglers may provide good information to narrow your quest. A temperature gauge and notebook is also reliable data for future trips. You may find the lures discussed in this article at Good Luck let's go fishing!! Come back to this Website often to read all my articles. Jim charters out of Milwaukee, WI. with Blue Max Charters. He can be reached at 414-828-1094. Summer I will be out on the lake fighting fish, however, I would appreciate a call over winter to chat about whatever questions you may have or just call and say hello. You may also visit my web site at Copyright© 2008, James J. Hirt, All Rights Reserved.