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Tip #44 #44 Smart Fishing Efficiency!

Smart Fishing Efficiency! By Capt. Jim Hirt Smart Fishing! Efficiency leads to success. This is true in all endeavors and fishing is no exception. I know when I was a rookie and even today I thought it would be great to charter or hire a guide in all parts of the world to see how they go about rigging tackle and setting up their boat. I know we all fish a little or a lot different from each other. Where the majority of the mechanics are probably the same, small differences in the way we go about fishing will make or break the day. Please allow me to tell you about some of the items I use on my boat that helps produce fish. As some of this article may sound like an infomercial, it will perhaps lend to some changes in your method of operation. I am constantly evolving year to year and in some cases day to day. A new tool I added this season that is helping keep fish on the line and is quicker to use is the rod holders and track system sold by Bert's Custom Tackle. Fishing just got easier with their adjustable Rod Holder with a Ratchet Gear System. Adjust the rod holder to the angle that you want. You have 5 positions or from vertical to horizontal to choose from. When you get a fish on the line you can easily pull the rod holder straight up with the Ratchet Gear System. It’s easy to remove your rod and maintain pressure on the line in one motion! Their track system allows me to add as many rod holders, cup holders and a variety of other options. Most everyone fishes salmon out of Milwaukee with downriggers. The way you attach the line to it has everything to do with how many fish you will put in the boat. I have tried most of the different styles of releases. I like the Blacks release with the clip to attach the weight as one unit. The Blacks releases are completely adjustable to set the hook when the fish bites and never tangle or wear the line. The alligator style clips and rubber bands never seem to work for me. Look for ways on your boat to use the time on the water more efficiently. Gota go another fish screamin line! Visit his web site at Copyright© 2006, James J. Hirt, All Rights Reserved