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Tip #42 #42 Fishing Small Details Big Rewards!

Small Details Big Rewards! By Capt. Jim Hirt I would like to point out several items over looked by most fishermen that should be a focus every time on the water. Attention to detail and organization is the key to success in most everything we do. This also holds true to any type of fishing. Motor trolling is a mix of the perfect bait presented in the most favorable way. If I were to pick just one of the two most important factors in trolling, it would be presentation. Most fish will reject the best lure at the wrong speed or depth. Those of you who do not have a budget of $500 for a speed and temp gauge must learn to read what I call blow back on the downrigger cables. As the weight with the lure behind it runs below the water, the force of the water pushing on the weight creates an angle as the wire enters the water. If the boat was stopped, the cable would hang straight down and your lure speed would be zero. As the boat speeds up the weight swings back this is blow back. This will tell you a whole lot of things about what is going on down there. Sometimes there are currents or you may be traveling up or down wind. Focus on this angle to regulate the amount of boat speed required. Experience is the best teacher here. Note the cable angle visually when you are producing fish to duplicate the speed. When you are not catching fish increase or decrease your speed. No two boats, days or lures produce well at the same speed. The second detail I believe is neglected by some is lure size and color. Whenever fishing is slow it is always a good idea to try a variety of sizes of lures in the same color. Go with small, medium and magnum spoons in the same or similar colors. This will help you determine what the fish are looking for. Many times big fish will hit small lures due to their neutral or negative attitude and not have anything to do with medium or magnum lures. Another reason for a variety of sizes is fish come in all sizes and if you run all large spoons you may be missing a great bite on medium and small fish. The other obvious reason is to match the size of the baitfish. Over the years I have found this technique will keep the rods dancing on slow days. The message here is don’t get locked into speed, size, color or location. Change is good when the action slows down work with the variables. Catch a bunch!! Visit his web site at Copyright© 2006, James J. Hirt, All Rights Reserved