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Tip #37 #37 Electronics For Salmon fishing!

Electronics For Salmon fishing! By Capt. Jim Hirt I often get the question of what tackle do I need to get started in motor trolling for salmon and trout. This series of articles will take you from bare essentials to no budget all inclusive fishing equipment. In the previous two articles we have covered plan "A" downriggers basic applications and stealth option plan "B". Electronics are a must have for any type of fishing. I will try to balance cost with productivity in this article. It makes no difference whether you go plan basic or all out. Electronics are your eyes and ears. To try to fish with out them would be very difficult. There are three key items of electronics for every salmon fisherman on the Great Lakes. First and foremost to safety and finding fish is a marine radio ($100). The information a radio can provide is well worth the investment. It is also your link to marine authorities and weather. Some radios have a built in scanner for all channels. This is not a bad idea for getting all the latest news when on the lake. The price of a fish locator is all over the map. You can do just fine with most locators that are rated for depths of up to 600 feet ($119). A more costly option is to purchase a locator with speed and surface temperature ($300). For the salmon angler with cash to spend, include a G.P.S. in your locator for $600. Most experienced fishermen that troll know that speed and temperature at the lure is the most important information they need to consistently catch all species of fish. There are many units out in the market place that will give you this information. I had an opportunity to run a Depth Raider ($429) on my boat in the 2005 season. This unit offers a probe that you connect to a special downrigger cable giving you speed and temp at the lure to depths of 200 feet. This information is sent to an easy to read display. Unlike other units of this type it gave steady and reliable info trip after trip. I was very impressed with Curt Kell of Kell Laboratories the innovator of this product. His attention to quality and customer satisfaction sets him apart in the industry. The Depth Raider will set the standard for this type of product for years to come. To get information on this product call Curt at 262-534-2202. The skies the limit when it comes to electronics. Some will say you need more or less than my recommendation. I do believe the three items listed here will give you an edge when it comes to fishing the Great lakes. The next article is one you won’t want to miss. How to put more fish in the cooler for only $20. Have a great fishing season. Let's go fishing!! Copyright© 2006, James J. Hirt, All Rights Reserved.